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31 10 2010

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Capt. Frank Askew


Lake Hartwell Guided Striper Charters

20 09 2010

9-18-2010 / calm winds / water temp 81 / high of 88

Fished today with a party from Columbia, SC. Started near Duncan Branch access then moved to the Savannah River green 11 buoy and Little lightwood creek looking at underwater pockets in 40 to 100 foot of water with nothing to mark. Decided to head N and found a descent school in Todd’s cove near Savannah Green 23. Fish were positioned in pocket where creeks split over 85 foot of water with trees. Caught 8 or 9 hybrids and a couple stripers. Fish were really mouthing the bait and not biting very aggressively. Did see some schooling action on the surface. This is the only school found the entire day.

Tip: Lots of catfish are being marked in river channels near points. Most arcs are 40-50 feet down. I would not waste time fishing the arcs unless schooling fish or arcs really bunched up were seen. The cooler water has got the striped bass on the move and a more predictable pattern should emerge soon.

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Capt. Frank Askew

Striped Bass Fishing Report Hartwell, Georgia

20 09 2010

Sept. 17, 2010 / water temp: 81 / high of 88 / calm winds / day after winding front

Fishing was really tough today. Did a lot of looking and burned 3/4 of a tank. Found one small school near the S8 Red channel buoy. Fish were positioned in 45-85 foot of water just off underwater point. Managed 4 or 5 hybrids. Looked everywhere from Broyles landing to the dam and Beaver dam Creek. Fished with new clients from Greenville, Jason and Thomas.

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Capt. Frank Askew

Lake Hartwell 1/2 day striper guides

30 08 2010

Sunday Aug. 29 – 2010 / water temp 84 / 5-10 kts winds / temp 82 with clouds

Had a 1/2 day striper guide on Hartwell today. Started looking to the NW of S17 with only a few single fish marked. Checked a few spots on the way to the dam with nothing too encouraging. Marked a few fish where we caught them yesterday. Looked a bit in the area with not much more. Decided to make a couple drifts where most the arcs were found. Instantly hooked a nice fish in 45 foot coming off the side of a point. The bass weighed 20 pounds even. Fished a bit longer and moved. Finally found the fish two coves to the west in the back of a major underwater creek. Sat on the fish and limited out. Caught 1/2 of the stripers on 1 oz and 3/4 oz mega bait jigging spoons.

20 pound striper on Hartwell

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Lake Hartwell SC Striper Fishing

30 08 2010

Sat. Aug 28 – 2010 / water temp 85 / temp: 84 / 15 kts winds with lots of boats

Had two ladies on board with us today. Found good numbers of fish between Long Point Rec area and the Duncan Branch Access. The Striped Bass were positioned between underwater points in about 75-90 foot of water. Started marking good numbers the first 30 sec we pulled the throttle back. Managed 20 or more in a few hours. Could never really get the school fired up but did manage several on every drift. Wind did not help any.

Stripers on Hartwell

Lake Hartwell Fishing Charters

Tip: When the wind is kicking and it is hard to stay on the school, try motoring up wind of the fish after marking them. Then drift with a drift sock out to slow your drift. Presents the baits more naturally and enables you to vertical jig. Repeat after drifting too far.

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Lake Fontana drop shot producing

25 08 2010

8-24-2010 / water temp 84 / 60 degree in morning warming to 80 / cloudy early / no wind

The bass are still in their summer patterns but the hint of fall is already evident. Had a 1/2 day guided fishing trip today with a father and son from Georgia. We fished easy to use lures for most of the day producing descent numbers. We found good schools of bass off of long tapering points with fine gravel. The bass were positioned in 25-30 foot of water on the deep channel side of the points. No fish were taken on top of the points! The points that produced the best were the ones at the first 1/3 of major coves near the main deep water. By idling around numerous points to find the concentrations of baitfish it enabled us to narrow down our search. Once bait fish / a few arcs / and our long tapering points were found all together we caught fish every time. Managed 10-15 smallmouth with one walleye jigged at the train tressel. Check out the picture of the Walleye, it has a curved spine. (birth defect ?) A large thermocline is being marked lately with loads of bait and fish mixed in around 45 feet.

Fontana walleye with curved spine

check out the spine

Tip: As fall grows closer start looking for the bait and bass to move further back in the deep arms leading away from the main lake. The bass often suspend just off the bottom in the middle of the creek where ever bait is present.

Capt. Frank Askew
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2007 Champion Elite Bass Boat For Sale

17 08 2010

FOR SALE 2007 Champion Elite Bass Boat w/ 250 hps Yamaha HPDI


North Carolina and South Carolina bass boat for sale

210 Champion Bass Boat For Sale


Colors = White, Silver Star-gun-metal pins
36 volt 101 lbs trust Minn-Kota Maxxum Pro troling motor with recessed pedal
3 bank Pro-Tournament 3 bank Battery Charger
Humminbird 997 C SI with Side Scan Technology (Brand New with two transducers)
Lowrance LMS 332-C w/ GPS in Dash
Lowrance X-17 w/GPS mounted at bow
3ed seat base
rod organizer
Jack -Plate
4 Pro Batteries
Lighted Compartments
two DC outlets
push button electronics
tackle storage
Exterior Oil fill
Livewell pump out and pump in
Custom Champion Duel-Axle Trailer w/ break away tongue, Stainless-steel fenders, spare-tire, and brakes
Yamaha factory warranty will 03/25/12

Asheville NC Bass Boat for Sale Champion 210

Notes: Boat has been covered.
Located in Hendersonville NC

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